About FairyDust Services, Inc. Pet Sitting and Cleaning Services

Our mission is to bring joy and peace-of-mind into our clients’ lives by providing them with caring, professional services that they can trust and depend on, through a bonded company.

Through our pet service, we provide customized pet care that fits the client and pet’s needs. Services are provided by knowledgeable, attentive, loving pet specialists with the expertise to attend to their every need. Our comprehensive services give comfort to pet parents as they know their beloved pets are receiving the highest level of personal commitment for the pet’s well-being.

Our cleaning service provides detailed cleaning by trained, professional cleaning staff. Our staff perform their cleaning duties with care, skill and consistency utilizing the cleaning power of plant and enzyme products. Our specialized cleaning allows our clients to spend more of their precious time with family and friends.

Whichever FairyDust service is chosen, we strive for excellence in the performance of all we do.

FairyDust History

After years of working in management positions for various corporations, then in social service organizations; it became clear to me that it was time to branch out on my own and become an entrepreneurial spirit. In 1995, I made the jump and started FairyDust with the goal of providing services that would benefit peoples’ lives by bringing a bit of joy and that always needed peace-of-mind.

We began with our home and office cleaning. Cleaning had to be performed like I was taught by my Mom, detailed hands and knees work. My mother worked with me in the business until her death in 2005.

Having asthma and not wishing to use harmful chemicals in the cleaning process, I found wonderful natural plant products to utilize in the business; long before it was popular to use “green” natural products. Now we not only provided detailed cleaning, but the cleaning was performed keeping the safety of our clients, their family and pets, as well as the environment protected from unhealthy cleaning products.

In-home pet sitting services became my next priority. Having grown up with many different types of pets as well as farm animals, living in a small rural area of Connecticut; animal welfare is a high priority in my life. Pets need the comfort and safety of their own homes to keep them stress-free when their pet parent is away from home. Very important to their care is that care is provided by knowledgeable, professional animal caregivers, who provide quality time with the pet; know what to do in emergencies; know how to quickly bond with an animal and treat them like the beloved family members that they are. Bringing peace-of-mind to pet parents is a vital in providing our pet care.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our story with you and we look forward to your becoming part of the FairyDust family of clients.

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