House Sitting Services in Tampa and St. Petersburg

We provide house sitting services in the form of a check of the home for seasonal residents, who reside in our area a certain period of time during the year, and/or those individuals that are away for long periods of time for business.

House sitting is a very personal job for us, as we have been requested to supervise the care of your home while you are away; sometimes for long periods of time. We consult with our client, asking what is especially important to them in our overseeing of their home, and ask many questions of the home owner to be sure we understand the scope of their needs. This consultation allows us to develop a personalized checklist of care for your home.

During our oversight, we provide a thorough walk through the interior and exterior of the home, concentrating on these areas

  • check all appliances for such things as leaks or power failure;
  • view all the ceilings for any sign of water damage;
  • inspect sliding glass doors for any leakage that has come into home.
  • make sure that electronics, televisions, etc. are unplugged or turned off as requested by client;
  • bathroom plumbing is examined for leaks;
  • confirm that all entrances are locked securely;
  • inspect that all windows are locked and not tampered with;
  • observe that the AC/Heat is running properly.
  • check areas such as window sills, door entrances, along floor boards, where there might be pest activity;
  • bring in mail and packages, if mail service has not been stopped;
  • outside the home, the perimeter is surveyed for any damage or standing water;
  • confirm that fences are locked; pool pumps are running; debris is picked up;
  • If a client has service companies coming for pool and/or lawn maintenance, and any other type of service, we keep track that those companies have come when they are scheduled.

We may also be required to:

  • collect mail and send it to a client’s current location;
  • fill the pool if the water line has gone down;
  • pull out pool baskets to clean out leaves and debris;
  • plants are watered;
  • feed outside animals that the client generally feeds; whether it is birds, squirrels or kitties.

We will contact you when necessary, and speak with service providers on your behalf when there is a need for service; such as air conditioning problems; alarm problems; or even a problem with a raccoon trying to get in through the dog/cat door, which is one of our more interesting situations. We have even had to work with wildlife specialists when a swarm of bees was living in client’s cement wall, and a creature had died under a client’s home.

We can take care of most home situations that arise, so you are not disturbed while away.

We charge per visit based upon your requirements and the schedule of service needed, which could be once a month service to the home, weekly or several times a week service to a home. We will establish a personalized checklist for your home visits and establish the cost at the consult.

Price range is $17-$25 per visit.

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