Pet Sitting Service in St. Petersburg, Tampa & Surrounding Areas

Our Tampa Bay area pet care service is full service care, providing:

  • Pet Sitting services in the home of the pet, while you are away on vacation or business.
  • Overnight services in the home of the pet, when you wish to provide more company for your pet and safety for your home.
  • Stand-alone Dog Walking services, for those times when life has gotten too busy, or perhaps there are physical limitations to prevent the walking of your companion; we are there to give your canine friend that necessary walk.
  • Care for the pets of Vacationers to the area who are staying in local hotels that accept pets. We provide pet care when they are away for a day trip or just out for the evening; or just need dog walks to end the busy day.
  • Higher level Medical Care, such as providing administration of insulin shots or subcutaneous fluids.
  • Consultation and Education on animal Nutrition, Hygiene, Health and Training for new caregivers, or those who wish to increase their pet care knowledge.
  • End of Life Planning, providing guidance and support during this very tough time for a caregiver.
  • Grief Counseling, providing special support and the shoulder needed during the devastation of losing a beloved pet.

We are passionate about our pet care and are committed to bringing stability, safety and love to each pet’s life that we care for. It is a special trust that our clients have bestowed upon us, turning the care of their beloved pet over to us, and we take that very seriously and are honored by their trust. With our professional, loving care of their pets, we wish to bring joy and peace-of-mind to our clients so they can enjoy their time away without any worries about their pet companions.

Our loving staff of professional pet sitters quickly bond with pets to reassure them; provide them with play stimulation and physical activity geared to their specific needs during our hour long visits; and most importantly supply lots of affection. Our approach to pet sitting and in-home pet care is to prioritize your pet's emotional well-being during their caregiver’s absence; through playing, pet walking, light grooming, hugging, ear rubs, belly rubs, or just speaking to them.

As the Founder, Owner and President of FairyDust, I am a passionate animal lover and animal advocate, who believes our pet companions need human interaction in the safety of their own homes to keep them in balance both physically and emotionally...tender loving care goes a long way.

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Pet Care in Tampa Bay

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In-Home Pet Care Begins with an Assessment of your pet's needs:

FairyDust will schedule a consult appointment to meet your pet and to obtain detailed information before caring for your pet; inclusive of medical information, emergency numbers to reach clients; emergency contact information for any situation that might arise while the client is away from home.

We also obtain information for a Pet Profile, so we know all about your pet; their likes and dislikes; their favorite toy; where they like to walk; if they just like to snuggle; just what we need to know to bond with them right away. This information is what our Pet Care Staff have with them during the care of our client’s pets.

While you are away, we wish your pets to enjoy themselves and feel loved and cared for so they are very happy!

Pet Care is Our Business...but More Importantly, It Is Our Passion!

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