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Questions and Answers

Below are questions frequently asked about our business services.

Pet Care

Q. Are you insured and bonded?

A. FairyDust Services, Inc. is a licensed, insured and bonded corporation.

Q. Will the same pet sitter be assigned each time I request service?

A. We believe in bonding with the pets under our care. Once we have received information on your pet(s), we will choose one of our staff to be your primary pet sitter.

However, we also wish you to know that we do not ever want our clients to be without a pet sitter and would rarely not be able to provide service.

If for some reason your sitter is unavailable on the dates you require care another one of our trained staff will substitute for the primary sitter for those specific dates. Our staff are all trained in the same manner to be professional pet sitters.

Q. Do I meet the sitter before service begins?

A. When requested, we will schedule a “meet and greet” with the sitter assigned to your pet. The “meet and greet” is to provide the client and the pet(s) an opportunity to get to know the sitter. It also provides the sitter with a walk-through of the home to become familiar with the pet care areas. The appointment is scheduled for 15-20 minutes.

Q. How long is a pet sitting visit?

A. Our visits are still a full HOUR of quality time with the pets we care for. Besides the pets’ nutritional and potty needs, we want to spend time giving them love and attention. Most of all pets miss their pet parents.

Q. Do I receive updates on my pet when I am away?

A. Clients are sent a text or email reporting how the pet(s) are doing, accompanied by a picture. The reports and pictures are sent to the client every other day, unless client requests a daily report. Daily reports are sent at an additional fee.

Q. How quickly do you need to receive a request for services?

A.  We would of course prefer at least a week’s notice for service, but we understand that is not always possible. We can schedule with as little as 1-2 days’ notice and in an emergency with as little as a few hours’ notice.

Q. How do we submit payment for service?

A. For new clients to our business, we require payment at the time of the consult or “meet and greet” appointment. For ongoing clients, payment is expected to be left for us to pick up on the first visit of the assignment. We do accept payment through client’s financial institution and require payment to reach us by the first or second day of service.

Q: Can you administer medication to my pets?

A: The administration of oral medications and simple medical care are provided as part of our pet care services. We are also able to provide advanced medical care, such as subcutaneous fluids and diabetic shots. Advanced medical care can be provided during a pet care visit or scheduled as a separate visit.

Q: How do you handle my keys?

A: Most clients provide a key that is kept secured in our office until such time as we are providing service. If the client has keyless locks, we ask for a code be assigned to FairyDust as we prefer not to have client’s specific information.

When a client prefers not to give us a key, then we require the key be secured where we can access upon our first visit to the pet. The key will then be secured in the same location at the end of our assignment with the pet.

Q: Do you provide services while I am visiting the area and staying in a B&B, AirBnB or a hotel?

A: We care for pets of visitors to our community in the same manner as we do the residents.

Kitty relaxing we offer pet sitting

Personal Concierge Services

Q: Do you provide pet transportation?

A: We provide transporting of pets to the vet, groomer, doggy day care and other locations on request.

Q: How often is pooper scooper service scheduled?

A: Most clients schedule scooper service once a week. We, of course, can accommodate the frequency that the client requires.

Q: Am I able to schedule services while staying at a B&B, AirBnB or hotel?

A: Yes, we can provide shopping, pick up of tickets for events, even wait at the location if you are having something delivered there. Call us and ask what you need to have done.

Q: I require my home to be checked when away for part of the year, how does that work?

A: We provide our clients with the standard list of areas we check inside and outside the home. They can add to that list and provide us with the frequency they wish for the home check. We send a report after each visit to the home.

FairyDust Services will do shopping for you

Q: How am I billed?

A: We bill depending on the type of service ordered. We may provide an invoice and contact the client with cost for a check to be picked up at the time of a delivery; the cost in some cases can be provided at the time the service is ordered and the check left for pickup; payment can be mailed if the client is out-of-town; home checks require payment to be made for the length of service before client goes away. We will discuss payment with the client when the service is ordered.

Q: Will I be charged mileage or trip cost?

A: We do charge for the time it cost for the trip. Mileage is only charged if the trip is outside our service area.

Home Cleaning Service

Q: What frequency of service do you provide?

A: We offer weekly, every 2-week or every 4-week cleaning service.

Q: Are your costs based on an hourly rate?

A: Pricing for ongoing clients is based upon their home and is a fixed rate. For one-time cleanings or move-in/move-out cleanings, we charge an hourly rate. Payment is required at the time of service.

Q: Do I provide the cleaning products and cleaning equipment?

A: FairyDust provides everything. We only use plant and enzyme products in our cleaning. Equipment is hypoallergenic. Everything we use is to provide a safe and healthy cleaning process.

Q: Am I assigned the same cleaner?

A: Yes, as we wish there to be continuity in the cleaning of the homes we care for.

Q: Do you provide housekeeping services such as laundry, washing dishes, making beds, cleaning inside appliances?

A: Some housekeeping tasks are provided but with limitations. For instance, we will make a bed with clean sheets only if the client has stripped the bed. Making beds that are left unmade is part of our standard service. We do not wash dishes or do the laundry. Inside of appliances can be requested with an additional cost.

Q: We have pets, do they need to be caged or contained?

A: Since we also provide pet care services, our cleaning staff must be pet lovers. We look forward to meeting your pets and are happy when they are roaming freely.

Q: Would you clean a porch or lanai?

A: Cleaning a porch or lanai can be requested as part of the home cleaning service.

Q: Do we provide a key?

A: We do require the ability to enter the home when we arrive. This can be accomplished with a key that remains in the office until the day of service; a code for us to use a keyless or garage entry; or client is always home on the day of service.

We clean houses in St. Petersburg, FL

They are so much more than a cleaning service. Donna and the crew at FairyDust are fantastic. Finding them has truly been magical. My life is easier now that I come home to a reliably clean house. It is comforting to know that people who take care of my house and my cats are part of a reputable business with a mission and set of values that they follow. They work above and beyond a simple job description and really look out for their clients. For example, Donna was the first to alert me to a worm that infected my address list and this helped me take care of the problem quickly. They are much more than a cleaning service!!

Cassandra B.

FairyDust is aptly named because it is indeed a service where magic happens.  This company seems to do everything, and they do it exceptionally well. 

I have used this service many times, both on short term and long-term basis. Twice, we had to leave our large and finicky cat home when we were in Connecticut for the summer.  The company has always been responsible, reliable, and attuned to our pet's needs. (and our homes needs as well). It was a relief to know that our cat was in such good hands. 

We, also, had the opportunity to utilize the Concierge Service.  They check our home while we are away for the summer and made our trip to and from the airport hassle free.  And that alone is magical!  

I highly recommend FairyDust Services: their trust is well deserved.

Suzanne , Fred, and JoJo

Donna and her team did an excellent job taking care of Fiona while I was out of town! From the initial meeting at my home through my entire time away, I felt confident that Fiona was getting the care and attention that she needs. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to my friends and family!

Sandra A.

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